Financial RoadMap®

The Financial Road Map® is designed to help you explore your values, identify your goals and gain a clear understanding of your financial health and future direction.
The experience is intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding and it highlights the awesome potential you have to “Live Life on Purpose.” Both spouses need to be present and all financial documents brought with you. Our goal is to be efficient so you can have all of your question answered. Our ideal clients are busy and appreciate respect of their time.

1 hour and 30 minutes

Client Request

Great! You know Peter enjoys talking with his clients. To honor your schedule and Peter’s, please select a time that works for you. Peter will call you at your requested time.
This is a telephone meeting.

1 hour

"Virtual Coffee"

Tired of the networking meetings? Consider a “Virtual Coffee” meeting. Perhaps we each have something for the other…

I want to learn about what you are at work on and how we may benefit each other.
This is a telephone meeting.

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